The fourth exciting adventure of the Sisterhood and Fabiola!

The Sisterhood has entered a new school year and it's a lot right from the start. Mountains of homework, a new weird kid in class, Mrs. Ládvíková in the hospital... And one big mystery which will bring the girls into actual real danger. Good thing Fabiola is always there to help! Only this time Fabiola is a a bit busy, so the girls will have to rely on themselves. Will they catch a person, whos not afraid of harming animals? 


Stories about a famous fashion salon from the 50s

In the prime of it's fame, hearing the name Salon Podolská would make you think of luxury and elegance. The prior owner of the salon, before the nationalization of property took place in the year 1948, could continue to work there on a lower position thanks to the protection of Marta Gottwaldová. We can observe the times changing, as we watch the lives of people connected to the salon. French fashion and the pursuit of style got replaced by red scarfs and socialist uniforms. Elegance was dissapearing from the streets, and what more - freedom and people were as well. 


"Bára, Míša, Ela and Fabiola the magical cat - that's a Sisterhood!"

Classmates Bára, Míša and Ela, who just recently moved to the city, are one day brought together by their neighbour Mrs. Ládvíková's cat Fabiola. All because of a simple reason: she wants the girls to help her solve a mystery that has been troubling Mrs. Ládvíková for a very long time. While investigating they'll not only learn a lot of stuff about our recent history, but also a lot about themselves. They'll find out how much wit and bravery is actually hidden in themselves...                                                                                                                                                             


"A historical detective fiction"

A young pharmacist by the name František came to Štramberk in 1908. Burried in his damaged memory, he is carrying a dark secret. In the meantime he learns about a mystery that is surrounding the richest and the most respected family in Štramberk.         


THE DOG PROJECT (My own one)

"The winner of a literary competition hosted by Albatros in 2016"

"This book got chosen to be in the Best childrens books catalogue of 2016/2017" 

Johny really only has one big wish - owning a dog. Unfortunately his parents are absolutely against it. The only person who gets him is his grandma, who is however a little out of her mind at this point. With the help of his friend Monika, whos mother is an assistence dog trainer, they come up with a clever plan to prove his parents wrong and show them that dogs can be really helpful aswell as fun. But of course they will cause a lot of funny situations and absurd moments in the process. And maybe, MAYBE, he will get his own dog in the end. 


"A fascinating story about the Fox sisters, the founders of spiritism, who were gifted with supernatural powers, or shall we say an exceptionary good imagination?"  
"Where do the souls of our loved ones go after death? Can they come back and talk to us? Communicate?"

The Fox sisters claimed to have answered these constant and everlasting questions in the second half of the 19th century. The fascinating life these young women lived happened to be at the same time as the start of the modern era that brought amazing new inventions such as electric lighting, dynamite or bubble gums. But also a great death rate of children due to bad hygiene. The demand for communication with the dead ones is huge and people from every social class are willing to pay a heavy amount of money to do so. But the cost of money, fame and respect is unfortunately huge..

A real story about the beginnings of spiritism.


The third, this time the summer holiday adventure of the Sisterhood and Fabiola!

The summer has begun, Mrs. Marie is gone visiting Josef in America and the Sisterhood is left in charge of her house and Fabiola while she is gone. Sounds peaceful right? But that would'nt be the girls, if something didn't disrupt the calm. Strange things start happening in the neighborhood's gardens - both the chickens and the cabbage turned blue! And it seems that supernatural stuff emerges even in Mrs. Marie's house... Will the girls and Fabiola solve the mystery even this time?         


Another adventure of The Sisterhood and the magical cat Fabiola is on the horizon!

This time Fabiola is not gonna take the girls to the past, but to a magical land of dreams! Where lots of very odd things started to happen. People living on Ela's street have not been able to get a good peaceful night's sleep, everybody is always waking up for no reason  all night and then in the mornings they are super grumpy. Is it possible that those two things connect? Ela, Bára and Míša with the help of the most extraordinary cat with the softest fur head for the quest, and of course mystery and adventure won't be missing!                                                                             


"Will the little gnome find a way home?"

Siblings Martin and Štěpánka are spending the summer holidays in a village with their grandma. One time as they are walking in the woods, they find a small living gnome in one of the little houses they built. Problem is, the house fell down and bumped him on the head. He forgot his name and where he came from. One thing he certainly did not forget tho - his confidence, which will cause a lot of trouble for Martin and Štěpánka as they decide to take care of him. Will they find out where that little guy actually came from?                                   


"The dog project continues!"

Johny finally got his dear dog buddy. Now that he has a dog on his own, he's really experiencing what it means to have one. It's not only fun and games, it also means he has to take care of him, take him on walks and train him. It's really important to not be alone in this, like Mirek, his classmate, who is constantly being bullied by older boys. Johny formes a plan to help him, and of course, includes dogs in it, aswell as his best friend Monika, his crazy grandma and his cousin Robin. Because a pack is a must and everybody knows that!                                                         

THE DOG PROJECT (Summer in Beskydy)

"The third part of the winning piece of the literary competition hosted by Albatros"

Happy owner of Denny, Johny, is awaiting holidays with his grandparents in Beskydy. His best friend Monika and his silly cousin Robin are keeping him company. They'll find themselves going on thrilling night adventures and learning about wild animals as they begin to search for an animal which is making a mess at their neighbours house. On top of that, grandpas birthday is coming up and they have to come up with the perfect gift. One thing is clear, a lot of funny situations will happen for sure.

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Is an author who writes for children aswell as adults, an author of The Dog Project series and a historic novel about the founders of spiritism: The Fox Sisters. 

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